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Nate and Alana have come up with two registry options that fit their needs.

One registry option is Nate and Alana's Honeyfund. Through Honeyfund.com, guests can make contributions towards different components of Nate and Alana's dream honeymoon. Guests can purchase a special dinner, an activity, or even contribute towards honeymoon airfare. Nate and Alana would like to take their honeymoon sometime in the early Spring of 2014. Below is the link to the Honeyfund website,
where guests can read more about how
Honeyfund works.

Follow this link for more information from Honeyfund, or to give a gift:


Another registry option is through Target. Guests can purchase gifts in-store, or online. Nate and Alana's target registry contains the few remaining household items that they need, and have not yet been able to purchase on their own.
Follow this link for more information from Target, or to give a gift:


Either way, Nate and Alana truly appreciate everyone's love and support, and most importantly, absolutely cannot wait to enjoy their special day with their guests.

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